Wednesday, November 25, 2009

First Day

The move went well. We used professional movers so that Jean's baby grand would not be traumatized moving to Floyd. They packed the stuff up in about two hours and met us in Floyd the next morning. Three hours later they were finished. AWESOME.

We were tired so we took the day off. We ate a wonderful lunch at the local (very authentic) Mexican restaurant. There appears to be a healthy Hispanic community in Floyd. So far so good.

There are bargains here. Under the Sun is having a 50% off sale and they are serious. One item in the store was marked more than 80% off. But that item is no longer available. My mother always said, "The early bird gets the worm." In this case, I did not get it. (It would not fit.) Mom was not right.

During one 10 minute period, I observed folks not locking their cars. It was a mad men moment kind of thing.

The dogs are transitioning nicely. In Portsmouth, Dance howls and yells when I leave the house. I have occasionally taken her out with me but Dance is anxious when she is away from home. I invited Song and Dance to drive with me to the supermarket. Song was ecstatic about getting out. Dance thought about it and declined the invitation. Instead of howling, Jean said she trotted down the hall, laid down in her den and fell asleep.

Our family is doing great in our one stop light town.